Strong (Wo)Man

Strength training with proper and effective form.

Powerlifting is often confused with Olympic lifting. Here, a competitor tries to lift the heaviest weight they possibly can for just one repetition in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Coach Shane Dally heads up our Power Lifting program. Classes focus on increasing your 1 rep max, as well as preparing for competition, understanding opening attempts, etc.

Man improving strength by doing deadlifts

Testing Your Strength

Lifting heavy things has been a pursuit since the earliest recorded history. People have been testing their strength in competition and being praised for their prowess for thousands of years. Just take a look at Milo, our own namesake, who started lifting a calf as a young boy and then carried the full-grown bull upon his shoulders as a young man. Our powerlifting program can help you do it the right way.

People learning the core fundamentals of the lifts

Lifting Fundamentals

It is important to get proper training so you don’t do something foolish and hurt yourself. An injury is eminent if you simply jump into a high intensity and high volume workout routine. We teach you the core fundamentals of the lifts and help you practice over time to increase your power.

Tucson gym member doing benchpresses

Keys To Success

Once you have a good foundation, it is important to understand variables such as frequency, volume and intensity. Likewise, individual overload and fatigue management as well as avoiding joint and tendon pain are all important core principles to learn. Our coaches explain all of this to help with your lasting success.


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